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1A Hunting in Texas Guide Service

1A Hunting in Texas Guide Service
Robert S. Steenbeke
212 Judith Ann Dr
Schertz, TX 78154

Contact Info:
Phone: (210) 872-2771


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Known as Russian Boar, Wild Boar, Feral Hog or just plain Pigs, the wild swine in Texas are rapidly gaining popularity as a hunting target. The reasons are numerous. Number one; they're smart, so the hunting can be challenging! One scientific study says that pigs are the second smartest animal behind only chimpanzees. Number two; you may take hog by any method, year around in Texas. That means; no need to wait for deer season to warm up the gun barrel. Number three; wild pork is excellent meat; lean, and flavorful! And, number four; boar hunting is FUN!