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Southern Outdoor Outfitters

Southern Outdoor Outfitters
Paul Byrd
S State Rd 29
Felda, FL 33930

Contact Info:
Phone: (863) 673-6414


Florida Hog Hunting

Southern Outdoor Outfitters offers Florida hog hunting for both trophy and meat hogs. Trophy hogs are hogs that you would like to put on your wall to mount! They can be any size but will have teeth that are 2 inches or better. We guarantee shot opportunity. All of our guided hog hunts are conducted on private land, so there will be no pressure from public land access. You may use your weapon of choice when harvesting your wild boar, and we can even get a little more up close and personal with the dogs and a knife!

Thermal Hog Hunting

Our thermal hog hunts are four hours of prime hog hunting on 100% private FREE RANGE property. Being mostly nocturnal animals, hogs are much easier to hunt at night, plus, using a thermal scope is just plain and simple fun! With the right wind and the cover of darkness, we can often sneak into close range of the hogs for an exciting, up-close hunting experience in the dark. Join us on an unforgettable Florida hog hunting experience.

Hog Hunting With a Knife

There is not much more exhilarating than chasing hogs through the Florida swamps with nothing more than a knife! These hunts are done with dogs and you may use any weapon of your choice, but the most popular and traditional way to do hog hunts with dogs is with a knife. These hunts are typically 2-6 hour outings and include an unlimited number of hogs in all sizes. If you want to get up close and personal with a wild boar, hog hunting with a knife in Florida is the ultimate experience.