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Arizona Guided Hunts

Arizona Guided Hunts
Pat Feldt
P.O. Box 959
Vail, AZ 85641

Contact Info:
Phone: (520) 237-2705


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Arizona offers javelina seasons during January through February. Javelina can be one of the most enjoyable game animals to hunt in Arizona. They are not pigs, nor are they even in the pig family. They are peccaries. Javelina are gregarious, sociable animals that hang in groups of 5 to 15 animals with a home range of about a square mile. The common name is the "collared peccary" because of a white ring of hair that circles the neck region. Javelina appear to be larger than they really are, but in actuality, they only weigh 35-60 pounds dressed-out. They offer a very challenging hunt for the bowhunter, handgun hunter, crossbow hunter, muzzleloader hunter or even rifle hunter. Spot and stalk is the technique we use to hunt these unique animals.