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Florida Hog Hunting

Directory of 30 Florida Hog hunting lodges, guides and outfitters in Florida.

God's Country Outfitters
641 East State Rd., San, Mateo, Florida 32187
Phone: (386) 937-1345

Florida wild hog hunting is one of the most exciting hunts a person can experience. It's an adrenaline rush when the dogs have a huge wild boar bayed up and you have to go in and catch the hog alive. From shooting, stabbing, or even spearing it, who wouldn?t want to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity like this one? We have been known to have the biggest hogs in North Florida!

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Southern Outdoor Outfitters
S State Rd 29, Felda, Florida 33930
Phone: (863) 673-6414

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Alligator Alley Outfitters
1133 Bal Harbor Blvd Suite 1139 #229, Punta Gorda, Florida 33950
Office: (239) 243-9663

We offer all types of fair chase hog hunts Including archery, rifle, spot & stalk, Wasp Injection System™ hunts and, dog & spear hunts (very popular with both old and young hunters!). Our dog and spear hunts have been extremely popular since introduction by young and old hunters alike. Ever heard of the Wasp Injection System™? It’s basically a CO2 charged knife; very effective for taking down a boar! You will not find the Wasp Injection System™ hunt anywhere else!

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Archer Pheasant Hunting
Timberlake Preserve 12851 NE 113th Terrace, Archer, Florida 32618
Phone: (352) 494-4768

UNIQUE OLD FLORIDA OUTDOORS ADVENTURES Archer Florida Bird Hunting Guides operates as an independent contractor for several hunting areas in the area, and several out of state hunting preserves. Dr. Angel Reyes ("Doc") and his team specializes in Pheasant Hunting, Quail Hunting, Deer, Wild Hog and Turkey among others.

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Black Tine Outfitters
10059 NE 199th Street Rd, Citra, Florida 32113
Phone: ( 35) 281-5809

Florida hog hunting at its finest. As a leading wild hog hunting outfitter in the state of Florida we offer a 99% success rate on some of the biggest trophy quality boars around! We are family oriented and welcome all walks of life including first time hunters. With over 40 years of experience hunting and guiding throughout the state of Florida we can make any hunt a success. Again, Thank you for visiting our website. We look forward to meeting you.

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Broomsage Quail Plantation
224614 Broomsage Preserve Road, Callahan, Florida 32011
Phone: (904) 608-3497

Close to Jacksonville, we have access to some of the best bird hunting in Northeast Florida, with 4,400 of acres of prime Quail and Turkey cover. You have the option of seasonal memberships that allow members to hunt deer, turkey and hogs in season as well as dove shoots based of availability of birds.

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Everglades Adventures
28965 Obern Road, Clewiston, Florida 33440
Office: (863) 983-8999, Cell: (239) 564-0342

Our boars are totally wild animals. They are NOT released from boxes, cages, or traps, held in enclosures, tied up and released during the hunt, stocked or purchased and released behind fences prior to the hunt, or any other method which is NOT FAIR CHASE (yes, this commonly occurs). Most of the operations that are set up for these types of hunts offer a "GUARANTEED KILL" and are CANNED HUNTS. We don't offer a "GUARANTEED KILL".

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Fin & Feather Guide Service
11302 SW 24 Terrace, Miami, Florida 33165
Phone: (305) 525-3130

We offer tree stand hunts over feeders 100% fair chase, no high fences and no release hogs. Lodging, Breakfast & Lunch included. One hog per hunter and additional hogs available for an additional fee. Hog cleaning included.

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1481 Sandy pine drive, Punta Gorda, Florida 33982
Mobile: (239) 850-3063

We are an alligator and wild boar outfitter in Florida.

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Florida Outdoor Experience
7990 NW 110th Ave, Chiefland, Florida 32626
Phone: (239) 980-1436

Join Florida Outdoor Experience for some exciting hog hunting in Levy County. Our farms boast large populations of wild hogs and our hunts are 100% fair chase. This is a real, Florida hog hunt at its finest! Due to our food plot and feeding programs, abundance of water and diverse habitat, we are able to hold hogs on our properties throughout the year! There is NO CLOSED SEASON on hogs, so whether you are here to hunt deer with us in the fall or chasing Osceola turkeys come spring, a hog is always an option!

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Fox Brown Outfitters
7600 SW Fox Brown Rd, Indiantown, Florida 34956
Office: (772) 597-5900

Nothing beats the adrenaline rush of going one on one with a big hog. We have you covered!

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Get Bit Outdoors
1734 Kennedy Point, Suite 1150, Oviedo, Florida 32765
Cell: (407) 448-3635

Looking for a great time at a price that can't be beat? Our Hog Hunts are 100% Success and Available Year Round. Whether you are looking for a Trophy Hunt, Corporate Adventure, or just looking to pile up the pork for the freezer, look no further. We love sharing the adrenaline pumping non-stop action that goes hand in hand with our hog Hunts. Bring the family! Guaranteed KILL!

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Hunters Envy
10055 Dragonfly Run, Mims, Florida 32754
Office: (321) 333-5700

Hunters Envy’s Ranch is a 2,600-acre ranch located on Lake Harney in Mims, FL. There is an abundance of wildlife on the ranch. The ranch is full of many land-dwelling animals including Whitetail Deer, Osceola Turkey, Wild Boar, Black Bear, Alligators, Peacock, and much more. There are also multiple species of waterfowl, predatory birds, and insects. The property features forested wetlands, prairies, cypress domes, and a unique Salt Marsh area. It truly feels like you are visiting several different continents within the property. The property is home to many of our Nation’s National birds, The Bald Eagle. We currently offer Osceola Turkey, and Wild Boar hunts.

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J & R Outfitters
7600 SW Fox Brown Rd, Indiantown, Florida 34956
Phone: (772) 485-5391

J & R Outfitters' staff take care of the entire day, so that the sportsman can simply concentrate on enjoying the serenity of the setting. We'll pick you up at the airport, get you settled into a local hotel or our lodge and take you to the hunting site where the action begins. You will enjoy a comfortable and professional hunt run by knowledgeable and personable hunting guides.

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J.E. Lee Hunting Preserve
30275 Beech Rd., Punta Gorda, Florida 33982
Office: (941) 637-0821, Cell: (941) 628-3953

J.E. Lee Hunting Preserve offers one day hog hunts. Hunters can still hunt or we'll cruise marshes and flats by buggy, we'll let you decide. Bring a cooler with ice, we'll quarter your hog. We do not have a cleaning or trophy fee. You can choose to take your hog to your own processor or we can give you a local processor's contact information. We'll have some soft drinks and snacks for you. Lunch can be provided for an additional cost. We do not sell or have alcohol. Hog hunting is year round and a license is not required.

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Little Lake Lodge
9721 Court of the Oranges, Boca Raton, Florida 33434
Phone: (954) 448-0015

Hunt wild boar on 1,000 acres. Still Hunts, Swamp Buggy or Stalk Hunts are available. Test your nerve with wild boar! Dog hunt, up close and personal with a knife or spear. There is a $20.00 skinning fee for each animal. We have meat hogs (80 lbs. and up) and trophy hogs (2" of cutters or more) are available.

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North West Florida Whitetails
12424 Ridgedale Dr, Hudson, Florida 34669
Phone: (850) 710-0828

North West Florida Whitetails is your premiere choice for hunting quality whitetails in the south. We offer deer, turkey, and hog hunts on thousands of acres of quality managed private land located in Holms and Walton County. That has been developed for over 15 years into a hunters paradise. This land is located in the heart of Florida's big buck country. These bucks in this area are as good as anywhere in the south without having to pay for those expensive out of state license fees

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Okeechobee Outfitters
5260 Bluff Hammock Road, Lorida, Florida 33857
Phone: (863) 655-2454

If you have never experience the excitement of a hog hunt in Florida, come and plan a stay at Okeechobee Outfitters. We welcome you to one of the most adrenaline filled hunts one can go on. We hunt wild boars with rifles, pistols, archery or spears.

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Osceola Hunts
Okeechobee, Florida
Phone: (863) 634-7007

Wild Hog Hunts

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Osceola Outdoors
14415 East State Road 78, Okeechobee, Florida 34974
Phone: (239) 253-5876

Osceola Outdoors hog hunts are 100% free range! No fences, no hidden pens and no unwelcome trophy fees. We conduct hunts year round, seven days a week on private ranches ranging from 6000 acres to 1000 acres. The terrain consist of pine islands, oak hammocks, improved pastures, citrus groves, and marsh ponds. Spot and stalk opportunities that can bring you close to the action. If up close and personal is what you are looking for...we have exciting dog hunting action that will get the adrenaline flowing!

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Outwest Farms
1921 SW 196th Terrace, Okeechobee, Florida 34973
Phone: (863) 634-3262

This is by far the most sought after experience I offer. Hog hunts are conducted at your preference, whether it be from a swamp buggy, cruising around the mash trying to kick one up with redbone hounds, from a tree stand at a feeder with a bow, or for a more adrenaline seeker, a bull dog and a knife or spear. A wild hog hunt is sure going to give you plenty of stories to tell your buddies. There is no age limit and no license required. These hog hunts are available year round.

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Pine Creek Sporting Club
23721 NE 48th Ave, Okeechobee, Florida 34972
Phone: (561) 346-9365

At Pine Creek Sporting Club nature's landscape stretches to the horizon with pines, Loblollies, hundred year-old Live Oak trees and Sable Palms overlooking fields of glistening Palmettos. A brace of very birdie pointers are ready to work endless acres of quail fields. A beautifully appointed ranch style lodge is complete with porch rockers and a fire pit aglow with memories. Quarter horses are tacked and ready at the stables for trail rides. Gate to gate the property is about 2 1/4 miles long by 1 1/2 miles wide. This native habitat supports an abundance of wildlife including white tail deer, Osceola turkey, quail, dove, sandhill cranes and wild hog, as well as many of the more than 400 species of indigenous and migratory birds documented in Florida. The Club's master plan artfully designates residential sites to maximize views of the surrounding environment. Internal roads are minimal. Amenity buildings are unobtrusive and designed to reflect an upscale ranch vernacular. Wherever feasible landscape is kept in its natural state. The sunrises and sunsets are extraordinary.

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Polluted Waters, LLC
860 Leather Fern Ln, Mims, Florida 32754
Work Phone: (321) 747-6399, Mobile Phone: (407) 748-3646

Polluted Waters, LLC offers a variety of guided hunts, airboat tours, and bowfishing charters in East Central Florida. We also offer private, river-front lodging for out-of-town hunters.

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Razzor Ranch
7019 Crooked Creek Lane, Zolfo Springs, Florida 33873
Phone: (239) 850-3063

Florida hog hunting and trophy boar hunts on our private Florida ranch has a 100% guaranteed chance at a trophy boar or meat hog. Our Florida ranch has 100% success for years while hunting hogs. We hunt 7 days a week, with no Florida licence needed. All trophy boar and hogs are free range roaming within our hunting preserve to ensure your hunt will be exciting. We hunt by stand, spot & stalk, or ATV ride spot & stalk your choice. Wild boar hunting is considered a dangerous game hunt, and as an experienced outfitter in Florida you are assured a safe hunt with Razor Ranch.

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Ron's Guide Service
1012 New Boot Heel Road, Venus, Florida 33960
Phone: (863) 866-7667

We offer wild boar hunting seven days a week, year-round. The chances of you not getting the opportunity to hunt a wild boar are very small when you combine the experience of our guides with Florida’s high population of wild boar! All of our fully guided wild boar hunting times have been proven successful. Earlier time slots are recommended in the summer as it tends to get warmer later in the day. Some folks may say dawn or dusk is best, but that advice only applies to tree stand hunts — which we do not offer. October through April and major holidays tend to be busiest so if you’re a small party we may ask if you are ok hunting with another group, however, this is extremely rare and we will never force you to hunt with others.

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Ron's Guide Service
1012 New Boot Heel Road, Venus, Florida 33960
Office: (863) 866-7667

Since 1985 Ron's Guide Service has been providing professional and affordable Florida hunting, fishing, and wildlife experiences to outdoor enthusiasts from around the world. Hog Hunting 7 Days a Week, Year-round. Private and Fully Guided with Swamp Buggy and Dogs! Includes Guide, Weapons, Skinning, and One Wild Hog—Guaranteed!

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Silver Lake Preserve
2860 Silver Lake Road NW, LaBelle, Florida 33935
Phone: (863) 273-7712

Hogs thrive in moist forests, swamps, and pine flatwoods- exactly the terrain we have on Silver Lake Preserve.

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The Gilchrist Club
3270 SE 4th Way, Trenton, Florida 32693
Office: (352) 463-7070

We are a 27,000 acre private member only hunting club. Our primary hunts include guided Quail and Turkey. We also offer Deer, Hog, and Alligator hunts as well as Fishing( multiple on-site lakes) Five-Stand, Wobble Trap, Sporting Clays, Rifle Range, and a 3D Archery/Bow Range.

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Trophy Hammock Outfitters
26533 FL-60, Lake Wales, Florida 33898
Mobile: (863) 333-5652

As Central Florida's Best Hog Hunting Outfitter, Trophy Hammock Outfitters is situated in the heart of a 40,000 acre working cattle ranch east of Lake Wales, Florida. Driving in you won't be able to mistake the vastness of this ranch or miss the beauty of Old Florida. Our hunting guides are 6th generation Floridians. We know these flatwoods, marshes, and hammocks like our own backyard and we're the ONLY Central Florida Hog Hunting Outfitter with FLY IN Hunts available on our partners PRIVATE AIRSTRIP (FAA Identifier: 2RR // Latitude/Longitude – 27-46-45.6000N/081-12-14.1000W // Runway: paved, 4,950 ft. x 75 ft. // Airport Communications: CTAF/UNICOM 122.8), so hunters from out of state over can fly in for a seasonal hunt, and take off when they need to. We want you to experience what real Florida has to offer the outdoorsman.

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Under The SON Outfitters
704 East Drew Street, Plant City, Florida 33563
Phone 1: (813) 650-4831, Phone 2: (813) 363-9657

Tired of waiting for hunting season to come back around? Here at Under The Son Outfitters we hunt year round for some of the biggest, meanest hogs found anywhere! We hunt private land with a large hog population with no public hunting pressure. Whether you're looking for a nice fat meat hog to fill the freezer or a monster boar hog to hang in the den, we can make it happen. We are a fully guided Central Florida hog hunting outfitter with a high success rate and a "No Guarantee" policy. Some of our hunting areas are less than an hour from Disney World attractions. We are a family oriented outfitter and we love to introduce children to the sport of hog hunting here in Florida. We offer discounted rates for children and for groups of 5 or more paying hunters. We offer elevated stands, ground blinds, tower stands and spot and stalk hunting. You may choose to hunt with rifle, pistol, shotgun, black power and archery hunters are welcome too. For those with a little more sense of adventure we can do a hunt with dogs and you can harvest your hog with a spear or knife. That one is guaranteed to get your heart pumping! No hunting license is required.

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